Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo

Introducing the Lost Mary turbo, a long-lasting disposable vape featuring the legendary flavors of Lost Mary turbo. Generating  MT15000 puffs from 16ml e-liquid, this cutting-edge disposable device features two modes. If you have been waiting for a Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo with the puff count and performance to compete with the biggest and baddest in the industry, your wait is over. This is a turbo boost disposable vape with two modes, a massive puff count, and cutting-edge features.

Using 11w of power, Smooth Mode generates mellow and consistent vapor. Optimizing battery life and puff counts, it is a discrete and flavorful way to vape. Those who are looking for better vapor production and dense flavor can switch to the 22w Turbo Mode for a stronger hit.

Equipped with USB-C charging and displays that monitor e-liquid levels and battery life, this smart vape has all the features adult vapers seek. To make sure flavor is optimal to the last puff, the Dual Mesh Coil has been engineered to richer and smoother taste.

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